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OCTOBER 23, 2021



registration 09:30h – 10:30h / Contest 12:00h

The Belgian championships are only accessible to participants with a Belgian identity card or Belgian residence card.

The Diamond Cup Belgium is open to Belgians and foreign IFBB members, registration via the official IFBB website: (only with permission, confirmation of registration from their national IFBB federation)

Belgian participants participating in the Belgian Championships and the Diamond Cup, REQUEST YOUR REGISTRATION PROMO DEAL

Non-BIFBB members must first pay their 2021 BIFBB contribution. The 2021 BIFBB membership fee for new members is €95. Payment information: IBAN BE90 9730 8344 8932 from Vzw BIFBB Belgium stating “BIFBB membership fee 2021, name and address”. You also send a copy of your identity card to

The registration fee for the Belgian Championships competition is 40 € per participation, this must be paid by transfer to the BIFBB bank account stating “name + registration 23/10/2021
The athlete will then receive confirmation of registration. Registrations without a payment fee will be canceled and not accepted. If you do not receive an email of “confirmation registration”, please email us at

Only juniors -21, -23, and masters can participate in 2 classes per competition, juniors or masters and seniors. Please note, if you choose 2 classes, you pay 2 registration fees. (1 x 40 € and 2nd series 40 €)

Other participants can only participate in one category per competition.
Participants will receive a wristband for access to the backstage and competition room that must remain on throughout the competition.

Any athlete can have a coach backstage. The athlete pays 60€ for the coach. (for a 2nd coach you pay extra 80€, so 2 coaches is 60 + 80 = 140 €)


Bikini Fitness -23/open/+35

FitModel men & woman

Women’s Wellness -23/open

Men’s Physique -21/-23/open/+40

Muscular Men’s Physique

Classic Physique -23/open/+40

Bodybuilding -21/-23/open/+40/+50

Classic Bodybuilding

Games Bodybuilding Open

Bodyfitness open/+35

Artistic Fitness

Women’s Physique

Fit Pairs



October 23, 2021, open to the public: 11:00h Contest 12:00h

This year the BIFBB Belgian Championships will be held in the Lotto Expo in Mons during the Wellfit Expo.